High-quality PE packaging bag


Our company affiliated color printing factory plastic packaging bag color printing up to 12 colors, packaging specifications can be arbitrary size from 600G to 25KG. Packaging of raw materials used in all high-quality imported raw materials. Printing, good sealing, clean, give you a cool feeling, let the guests put it down, effectively improve the appearance of goods.
My company’s packaging bags imported PE raw materials: Japan’s EVOLUE products and the United States Exonmobil (Exxon Mobil) products in accordance with the company’s unique mix of production of tough and beautiful not easy to break the quality of PE pocket. From short distance transport to the bulk of the export container, we will use a long time experience for you to create the most able to withstand the test of transport packaging.



options:Non-slip lines,UV-cut

Factory view

fertilizer packaging



20kg fertilizer bag(for customer in japan)

PE fertilizer packaging PE fertilizer packaging PE fertilizer packaging PE fertilizer packaging


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