Chongqing is a modern city, one of China’s four municipalities directly under the Central Government. As the economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Chongqing is located on the bank of the upper Yangtze River in southwestern China. Chongqing is the water port of southwestern China, a Yangtze water area and a central city in
southwestern China linking east and west China. Chongqing has 44 districts / counties / cities
under its jurisdiction, covering a land area of 82,400 square km.


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Chongqing has formed a electronic information, automobile, equipment manufacturing, chemical, material, energy and consumer goods manufacturing billions of industrial clusters. Such as finance, trade and logistics, service outsourcing and other modern service industry develops rapidly.

The 3rd Sino-Singapore cooperation project

On Nov. 7 2015, the third Sino-Singapore cooperation project was settled in Chongqing.

“Internet +”

represents a new economic form. Chongqing has built a more complete ‘cloud + network + side’ Internet infrastructure, ‘Internet + Chongqing is from agriculture, electricity, transportation, finance and other point to face infiltration. ”



After years of efforts, Chongqing has basically formed the industrial system of “6 + 1” key industries. Such as automobile and motorcycle, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, material industry, petroleum and natural gas chemical industry, light textile labor-intensive industry and energy industry.

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Chongqing is the only city in China that owns two “bonded areas”—Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port and Xiyong Integrated Bonded Area. Chongqing has started its comprehensive development, increasingly demonstrating its spectacular courage and passion.
Jiangbei International Airport has opened 120 domestic and international lines including direct
cargo airfreight; entry visa upon arrival at the Airport is available.
Chongqing port will be become the logistics centers in the western regions.
Bonded PortBonded Port suntan Bonded Port


Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe railway

Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe railway
Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe railway intermodal transport channel is the use of the southern line Eurasian Continental Bridge this international railway channel, starting from Chongqing, by Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany, a total length of 11179 km along the six countries railway



History & Culture

City on the mountain

Mountain is a city, the city is a mountain. The famous Zhang Zhidong wrote the “city of Chongqing: dangerous rock squat, three male look at sth fiercely pakistan.” City hillside, uneven road, building well-proportioned. Taking the Yuzhong peninsula of Chongqing city as an example, it is a typical low hill and terrace landform, and the whole peninsula is a raised ridge.

chongqing tradition tradition chongqing building hongyadong


Bridges on the rivers

Chongqing called Jiangzhou, two phase meeting in Chaotianmen, namely the Jialing River and the Yangtze river. Chongqing is a city with a strong dock culture. A river where there must be the bridge, and Chongqing mountain water is different, different, progress and innovation of every landscape depends on technology across the bridge, Mao Yisheng Bridge Committee 2005 annual meeting that Chongqing is Chinese only “bridge” across the river, the main bridge 22, have their own characteristics.

qiansimen-bridge chaotianmen-bridge caiyuanba-bridge


A foggy city

Chongqing’s average annual fog days is 104 days, the world known as fog London average fog days only 94 days, the city of Tokyo Far East Japan only 55 days. Chongqing is a veritable “fog”, while Chongqing Bishan County of Yunwu Mountain annual fog days up to 204 days.

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Hot city

The summer high temperature above 35 DEG weather, an average of 19.3 days per year, more than 37 DEG C high temperature weather in an average of 4.5 days per year; minimum night temperature above 28 DEG C, an average of 13.2 days a year, 30 degrees above the minimum temperature of the average 1.9 days per year. Coupled with the “wind city” hot, no wonder it has the “stove” in the name.



Chongqing hot as their temperament, male female hot, spicy Chongqing, origins of the wharf culture, so people have to act decisively, upright, bold said, temper big dead, aggressive. Chongqing people eat Hot pot All the world knows. was awarded as Chongqing, Hot pot city, across the Hot pot shop everywhere are high streets and back lanes. In addition to love like a string of incenses, barbecue, beer night, Malatang, dam dance this life. In the Chongqing disposition habits sum up two words is hot!




Provisional capital

In 1891 Chongqing became the earliest inland port China open to Chongqing as the capital, from 1937 to 1946, Chongqing became the permanent capital of the Republic of China and the wartime capital, was the national anti Japanese War and the anti fascist high command, China rear political, economic and cultural center. At this time the status of Chongqing reached a prehistoric and even in the future can not go beyond the status of.


Municipality directly under the Central Government

March 14, 1997 is an important day for Chongqing, officially became Chinese fourth on that day in Chongqing, the western region Chinese only municipalities, Chongqing ushered in new opportunities for development, then entered a period of rapid development in Chongqing.


Human geography


Can not avoid the topic, Sichuan and Chongqing national famous beauty, between the two is always in the competition, Chongqing’s beauty has always been famous for its hot, to the Monument for Liberation to play one day, sitting looking a little exaggerated, but Chongqing’s beauty is indeed beautiful enough to feast the eyes the unique climate and topography, Chongqing has created a beautiful skin and body very good.


Extroversion city

The economy of Chongqing port is not only open, mainly because of the open, Chongqing outgoing and external things are things to accept the ability to understand very quickly, can be said to stand high and see far.


Night view

Chongqing has a small Hongkong reputation, as is the night view of Chongqing, although personally think that in general, but compared to other city, the night view of Chongqing has advantages in the first is richly endowed by nature, buildings, terrain, neon lamp configuration, the advantage of economic development. Come to Chongqing to see the night view of this is one of the most unique in Chongqing.



Chongqing monorail is distinctive: through building the middle; across the river; across the top of the building…… Foreigners come to Chongqing will say: “you Chongqing cool Oh, every day I had a roller coaster” Pedestrian Street, these features make Chongqing more like a metropolis.

chongqing monorail chongqing railway chongqing railway