Concentration expertise dedication

We take it as our own duty to refine fertilizer manufacture, to pursue ingredient quality, to embrace environment and ecology, and to maintain excellent after-service. We produce each fertilizer pellet in the spirit of “Concentration, expertise and dedication”.

Features: small lot production, multiple grades, timely and stable supply, door-to-door delivery service. Product advantages: round and smooth pellet, unconsolidated, single nutrient sufficient, fine package. Motto of operation: Since the establishment of our company, we have been persisting on our belief that “We aim to satisfy client’s needs”. We help the clients find their needs through cooperation, and seek new potentials together.



Our company is a Sino-Japanese joint venture officially established in 1993 with over 20 years’ experience in R&D, production and export of fertilizer. Our excellent management team governs 130 wonderful staff under a well-built management system for producing fertilizer export. We wholesale our main products, which include organic compound fertilizer, chemical compound fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, soil amendament, controlled release fertilizer and other bulk raw materials such as nitrogenous, phosphate and potassic fertilizers. Our products are primarily exported to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, USA, etc. Our company is recognized by Chongqing Science & Technology Commission as an enterprise with advanced technology and for product export. Our company comprises of a logistic company, 3 fertilizer manufacture plants, a bonded warehouse, a color printing plant for plastic packaging, and a laboratory that can perform analysis of more than 60 fertilizer ingredients, capable of producing 100,000 tons of quality fertilizer annually. Located by the Yangtze River, Our company is 3 km from the bulk cargo port, 20 km from the container port and 3 km from the railway freight station, with convenient traffic and easy transportation. Utilizing the technology with which we have been producing and exporting quality fertilizer for many years, and applying meticulous management regulations, we are able to design and produce special fertilizers, such as those for loquat, lemon, tea, rice, ginger, mat-rush, etc. according to different soil test results and plant species. Our special fertilizers have received unanimous acclaims from the clients.   company name chinese  

Words from the president

president Mr.tuHello from Tu Guoyin, the president of Chongqing Shichuan Tai’an Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Our major business is to produce and sale fertilizers and fertilizer materials. We have 23 years’ experience in fertilizer export to Japan. Since the establishment of our company we have been always aiming to serve the agriculture, to produce quality fertilizers with concentration, dedication and expertise to meet our clients’ needs. Administration and meticulous requirement on product appearance. As a result of the critical demand from the clients and our cautious improvement on technology, we are now able to produce round and smooth, unconsolidated fertilizer pellets like quicksand. We feature our service by combining small quantities and multiple grades together and deliver the goods directly to the place as designated by our clients. Shichuan Tai’an promises that: we will certainly meet, even surpass, your expectation no matter what it is. In the near future, we are going to diversify our online sales of fertilizers, agricultural materials, soil materials, as well as flower and vegetable seeds. Based on our long term understanding of agricultural demand, we are going to devise solutions for social problems such as pesticide residue or pollution on vegetable, expanding and deepening our service to greater extent.

I hereby ask you, our dear clients, for your continuous support and help, and we look forward to rewarding your patronage with better quality Products and service.

SEP 21,2016       President and Chief Executive Officer Tu Guoying TuGuoying



Mar,1988  As the predecessor of Taian trading company sales of steel materials.  sepia
Mar,1993 Taian trading company established in Dadukou District, Chongqing.
Jan,1994 Started contracting factory to produce fertilizer
Mar,1995 Changed company name to Chongqing Shichuan Taian Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Jun,1998 No.1 fertilizer factory was established in Chenjiaba Dadukou District, Chongqing(covering about 16800 square meters).
Jul,1999 Subsidiary Packaging printing factory was established.
Jun,2001 Subsidiary Import and Export Company was established.
Jun,2004 Japan Company Tomiyama Co.,Ltd. funded our company.
Dec,2006 No.2 fertilizer factory was established in Tongliang Distric,Chongqing.
Jun,2007 No.3 fertilizer factory was established in Jiangjin Distric,Chongqing(covering about 36600 square meters).
Jun,2008 Container Transport Subsidiary was established.
Mar,2012 Set up Bonded Logistics Co.,Ltd, in Yubei District, Chongqing.
Jun,2013 Jiangjin factory comprehensive upgrade, after the upgrade drum granulator annual production capacity reached 100,000MT.
Oct,2016 Expand the No.2 Tongliang fertilizer factory (+18300 square meters), a comprehensive upgrade equipment began.


Office view


front of head-office head-office view
head-office head-office meeting-room


Corporate Profile

Company Name Chongqing Shichuantaian Chemical Industry co.,ltd
Representative Tu Guoying, President and Chief Executive Officer
Date Established Jun 27,1995 (Date Registered Mar 1988)
Capital 5,880,000yuan(RMB)
Number of Employees Head Office:18,   Factory1:14,   Factory2:38,   Factory3:163, Bonded warehouse:10 (*as of October,2016)
Address Tian’an-cyber park building2-F13  Cuibai Road Chunhui Street Dadukou District Chongqing China
TEL (+86)23-68831030
FAX (+86)23-68830054


Organizational Structure